Best Microphones for Music Production


It’s important to have good quality equipment when producing music, especially when it comes to recording vocals. You’ll want to capture those notes just the way they were sung, so having the right microphone is key. Whether you’re working in a home recording studio, semi-pro, or even professional, your voice should be loud, crisp, and clear. There are a lot of mics to choose from and, as with all things, some are better equipped to produce great quality sound than others.

Factors to Consider:

There are a few things you’ll naturally want to consider as you choose your microphone. Affordability is always one factor – what is your budget for purchasing a microphone? If you’re building a sound studio, there’s a good chance you’re buying several pieces of equipment, and these things can add up quickly. Take some time to plan and consider how much you can afford to spend.

Type of Microphone
Different mics are good for different things. Dynamic mics are great for putting on big shows because they can handle loud sound sources without high frequencies. But when it comes to recording, a condenser microphone is probably best because of their wide frequency range and their sensitivity.

Some mics come as part of a package, but if you’re purchasing your equipment a la carte, you’ll want to keep in mind things like cables, audio interface, carrying case, and mic stand, among other accessories. You’ll need these essentials, and they’re all things that will need to be factored into the budget.

Top Recording Microphones

Neumann TLM-102
Albeit it is a little expensive, the exceptional sound quality this mic promise is well worth the big bucks. Between its high SPL of 144 dB and its ability to capture every frequency it encounters, its all-around performance makes it a great investment if your budget allows.

Rode NTK
If you can’t quite get past the price tag on the Neumann, the Rode NTK is hands down one of the best mics available for home and semi-professional recording studios. Its sound is clear and warm, and the model itself is known for lasting years and withstood the test of time. It has a wide frequency range along with a very high-quality amp make on the inside, and its 1″ diaphragm is gold plated. The package comes with a case and phantom power amp, as well as the cables you’ll need to get started recording.

Blue Microphones Bluebird
Although it has a vintage feel, more and more musicians are choosing the Blue Microphones brand, and that confidence speaks volumes. A great condenser mic model, the Blue Bluebird boasts a wide frequency range, cardioid polar pattern, and a Class A amp. It also comes complete with a wooden case, shock mount, and pop filter. If you like the Bluebird, but want to go one step up, take a look at the Blue Spark.

Audio-Technica AT2035
This mic is another mic that is well known and highly trusted by professionals. A cardioid large diaphragm mic with a fantastic SPL, it can handle loud noise while maintaining a clear, crisp sound. The mic is both budget-friendly and high quality. It’s also great for performing with acoustic guitars and string instruments if that’s your style.

There really are several microphones out there, but these are a few favorites that are guaranteed to capture vocals with the highest quality. These mics are sure to give a top-notch performance as you show the world what you’ve got.

Here’s a great explanation of the difference in top mics:


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