Best Music Recording Apps


For the average person, music helps calm the senses and relax the mind. For the music enthusiasts, inspiring words and lively beats bring entertainment and inspiration. Is music recording limited to studios with high-end equipment? No, because even the smallest of gadgets are capable of helping you record your music. With the rise of tablet and smartphones, music recording has been made easier. Most smartphones and tablets run on a particular operating system, and they boast of many apps dedicated to all the music lovers in the world. Let’s look at some of the best music recording apps

1. GarageBand
This is one of the best music recording apps for iPhones. GarageBand allows any music enthusiast to make music anywhere using their iPhone as a recording instrument. This app offers Smart Strings to play string orchestra, Smart Keyboard for tapping chords to create keyboard songs, Smart Guitar for autoplay patterns or strum and Smart Basses in a wide variety. This app also gives you the chance of making music like a DJ using Live Loops. Recording music using this app can make you sound like a pro, even if you’ve never played a musical instrument before.

2. StudioMini Recording Studio
This is a music recording app that allows music lovers to create pro music as they produce AAC mixes and record their songs from just one app. It features over 78 loops in 13 genres for creating the best feel in your music. You can also use this app as a space for storing your beats, riffs, lyrics, and more.

3. Songtree Recorder
This app has everything that you need to make the best music. It is a free recording app that you can use for creating songs, adding effects, editing, and posting to other members of Songtree community. It boasts of high-quality audio results and a built-in metronome. You can also copy, and paste music tracks, then add loop parts or fades. This app also helps you to create songs with other musicians by contributing to another person’s record and sharing your work on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Spire Recorder
This app allows the user to mix, record, and share sounding audios from any place. Furthermore, any tracks that you record will be instantly and automatically enhanced. Spire Recorder allows you to customize each track creatively and makes sure that you won’t lose the beat with its built-in metronome. Once you have recorded, you can share the music through text, email or other storage services.

5. Ferrite Recording Studio
This app is a blend of power and ease, and it can surely help you achieve what you want. The user-friendly interface makes music recording a quick and efficient process. With just one tap you can record and monitor the recording levels. After the music recording is completed, editing is made easy by the wide variety of powerful tools available on this app.

The above apps provide you with a wide variety of music options such as creating and sharing your music with others, recording tracks, writing lyrics, collaborating with others, and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, these apps can surely help you out.


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