How to Market Music Production

Marketing yourself determines how successful your music production will be. However, it may be such a challenging task to get people listen to your music. This guide will help you discover the best practices you need to put into effect as you look forward into a successful music career. Here are 3 effective ways how to market music production:

1. Begin marketing your music online
Social media may not be the best in music marketing as fans don’t convert to buyers but it’s a good place to familiarize yourself and probably get an opinion. You need to keep in touch with by replying to fans who try to reach out to you as a way of building relationships with a much bigger audience.

The people you may want to get closer to include:

  • Music forums in your genre
  • Facebook and Twitter groups that have people of your type of music
  • Online radio shows that air your type of music
  • Big websites in your genre
  • YouTube channels that cater for your music genre

Such groups of people have a larger influence than you as they have a larger following from people who respect what they have to say. Therefore, if the owners inform the fans that you could be the next big thing, people will want to see your website and take note of you.

2. Market your music on the ground
As I said earlier, online marketing may not be enough because fans don’t convert to buyers. You need to get extra exposure through other established offline mediums that cater for your type of music. You may want to promote your music offline in the following effective ways:

  • Take your music to local radio stations.
  • Perform live gigs in different venues where your target audience is likely to be.
  • Having CDs available in industry-related shops.
  • Establishing street teams to share your music.

These ways will help you reach your target audience and even give you an instant reaction from the fans and is a good way to connect with your potential fans at a much more personal level.

3. Create Business Cards and Flyers
Well, you may not be great at creating these but finding someone to create appealing flyers, and business cards is a great way to promote your music business. You need to let people know what you do and offer your contact information. You may find someone who could connect you to a promising band or a trade association.

Music production marketing success may take you long to achieve, but with passion, talent, creativity, and willingness, you can make it big. Remember that you will have to invest in quality equipment and imaging before you can venture into this competitive area.


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