Process of Writing a Song


Having a specific process of 
writing a song does not mean that you are not original or authentic. It means 
that you have arranged and organized your thoughts so that the song can have a 
theme and flow. There are as many processes of writing as songwriters. This article 
will discuss the simplest and most effective phases of writing a song. The writing 
phases include ideas phase, draft phrase, 
and development phase.

Ideas Phase
You need to capture all your ideas 
that cross your mind and put them down on paper. Many good songs have been lost at this stage because of ignoring 
ideas that cross the mind and not recording them. Regardless of how small your idea is put it down and continue 
building on it. Write as many ideas as possible. Smartphones can record lyrics 
and audios, and you can carry the device anywhere you go.

Use the lyrics ideas to create a 
good melody. You can create a good melody when driving, cooking, taking a 
shower, or in your quiet time. Therefore, you need to keep the recorder near 
you and record any melody you create. The best way of not forgetting ideas is 
by writing lines of the song as soon as you think about them.

Draft Phase
After you have all the ideas that 
you need, start capturing the emotion of the song at the draft phase. You can 
generate new and clearer ideas to build on the primary ideas. Let the emotional 
ear guide you in this process. Associating a song with emotions is what makes listeners 
enjoy listening to a song. You can tell a sad or a happy story in a song by 
connecting the song lyrics with emotions.

Draft all parts of a song which 
includes the verses, chorus and a bridge. When you organize your thoughts, you 
will have a seamless connection from one 
verse to another.

Development Phase
The main activity in this phase is 
editing. Go through the draft song as many times as possible and focus on 
improving the quality of your song. This stage allows you to decide whether the 
song is fit for your objective. Setting high standards will help you create a 
unique and high-quality song.

Editing involves critique, analyzing, 
considering solutions and making appropriate changes. Analyze the perspective 
of your song to different listeners. Do not be tied to what you have, allow 
your mind to be as flexible as possible. Remember to seek critique from trusted 
audiences. It will help you in the editing process and improve your song.





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